Mr. President, be a patriot and not a detriment
Kissing adversaries and kicking allies, the incoherent, inarticulate president of the United States has toured European cities in the face of massive protest of his visit. The president has become the international butt of jokes. I could write a book.
Trump said to news media that the immigration of Europe is somehow detrimental to its culture. Immigration there, like immigration here, has been occurring over decades with mostly very positive consequences. I suppose the hypocrite president has no issue with the European disruption of the indigenous culture that was present when Europeans arrived on these shores and throughout the Caribbean.
I suppose he has no issue with the “whitening” of these native lands when the people already here were of a tad bit darker hue. Some pejoratively referred to them as “redskins.”
I think it laughable that the majority of Trump’s wives were European immigrants. Oh, I see, they are “white” immigrants, and therefore perfectly acceptable to migrate to these formerly “red” lands. They both have accents or speak “broken English,” not unlike the European invaders who spoke no native languages when they landed in the region now known as New England.
The United States has respectfully and lovingly been referred to as The Melting Pot, because we have welcomed the huddled masses, tired and yearning for freedom, from all around the planet. Immigrants of all religions, colors and lifestyles have melted together and contributed significantly to the greatness of this nation. Scientists, humanitarians, athletes, artists, the devout, the secular, and so many others have served the military, served as first responders and given their most, if not their all, to keep this nation safe and as bountiful as it is. Yes, that includes even the original indigenous people.
Defending the United States from outside attack has been a hallmark of patriotism. Trump has refused to acknowledge the Russian cyber-attack on this county, despite the fact that Trump himself asked Russia for assistance in “locating the 30,000 emails that are missing.” Despite that each and every one of this country’s intelligence gathering agencies have all said categorically that Russia did. The Special Counsel’s report indicted yet another 12 Russians for the attacks and documented indisputable evidence to that fact.
Looks like the witch hunt is finding a bunch of witches, some of whom have pled guilty as charged.
I’ll accept this nation’s law-enforcers as being more truthful than Donald Trump.
If Trump really wanted to protect this nation from foreigners, he would kick Putin in the teeth. Can you imagine if President Roosevelt had said after the Japan’s attack on this country on December 7, 1941, “I’ll ask Hirohito if he did it, he may say no, he may say yes, but we’ll see what he says.” Or, if after our nation was terrorized on Sept. 11, 2001, President Bush had said about Saudi Arabia, “Well, I’ll ask the Crown Prince if they are complicit, he may say no, he may say yes, but we’ll see what he says.”
Be a patriot for once, Mr. President!
What does Russia and Vladimir Putin in particular have on this president? Is it salacious? Perhaps, although this president seems not to be offended by such. Is it financial? Perhaps. Let’s let law enforcement do its thing.
Whatever it is, the president should not be putting his personal issues and agenda before the interest of this country. If Trump’s followers acquiesce to Trump’s personal issues over what is in the best interest of the country, they are tantamount, as is Trump, to being treasonous.
The immigration of refugees fleeing oppression, perhaps harboring some future terrorist in their midst, is small concern compared with the trouble Russian terrorism has already brought upon our cherished democracy.
In fact, we have more to fear from Americans acting as terrorists against fellow Americans and the American government than any threat from outside our borders.
Mr. President be a patriot for once!
Choice Edwards