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There are two ways that you can support the Lake County Democratic Party and local candidates. Your support is vital and will help us Get Out The Vote, power petition drives, support volunteer efforts, help our office continue to be a vital part of our community and help support Democratic candidates across our county.

Your support is invaluable donate today!

Lake County Democratic Party Operational Fund

This fund is used for a variety of purposes that allow us to build our presence throughout Lake County and encourage community participation in the democratic process. Your donation will go towards operating costs such as the rent and maintenance of our headquarters in Mount Dora, supporting our Get Out The Vote efforts, canvassing and more. Your donations make all the difference. Stop by our office and see how we've put your donation to work!

Donate today to support your Lake County Candidates

This fund is devoted entirely to the support of the campaigns of your local Democratic candidates. Lake County Democratic candidates fill out an application with the Lake County Democratic Party to be considered. Then our steering committee considers each application and awards the funds to the candidates to encourage their success. Often these funds give our local candidates the extra dollars they need for that final push to get elected.