2021 Virtual Fundraiser


Meet via Zoom:  Charlie Christ, Candidate for Florida Governor

Saturday, Oct 30, 2021, 9:00 a.m.
via Zoom
$15 suggested donation or be a Sponsor for $30, $75, $125

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Days Until 2021 General Election - Municipal








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Days Until 2022 General Election - Mid Terms








Democratic Values

  • Strengthening not weakening Social Security & Medicare for our kids & grandkids.
  • Uniting, not destroying, immigrant families who contribute to our economy.
  • Preserving our environment for the future, not exploiting it for profit today.
  • Expanding, not crippling, public education & affordable health care.
  • Fighting for wage fairness, not helping “Wall Street” gouge our economy.
  • Protecting, not denying civil & voting rights for ALL Americans.
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Lake County Democrats

From Greg Wilhelm, Chair of Lake County Democratic Executive Committee:  It is vitally important that Democrats and like minded persons here in Lake County support our Democratic candidates so that we can stop the barrage of restrictive and wasteful policies that have been forced upon the citizens of Lake County by the policies and actions of the Republicans that have been in power.

Being A Democrat

Why are you a Democrat? What values do you share with other Democrats? How has being a Democrat impacted your life?  It’s stories like yours that shape the Democratic Party. 

You Can Help

We need you! The Lake County Democratic Executive Committee, (DEC), currently meets at 6 pm on the 2nd Thursday of each month. The next meeting is via Zoom until it’s safe to get together in person

Lake County Democrats: Who We Are, What We Do, and How We Win

Building a strong Democratic base of voters 


Lake County Democratic Party Blue Gala 2020

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Volunteers are the life blood of the Lake Democrats. We have different volunteer opportunities that can fit your schedual and skill set.

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Use Mobilize America to sign up for local events and volunteer opportunities. Join us in making a difference today!

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Run For Something

Do you know what it takes to be a good public servant? Do you care about your community? Do you have a passion for democracy ?

Find Your Precinct

Are you unsure of your voting precinct? Check now! Don’t forget if you have moved to  update your voter information.

Lake County Democratic Party Operational Fund

This fund is used for a variety of purposes that allow us to build our presence throughout Lake County and encourage community participation in the democratic process. Your donation will go towards operating costs such as the rent and maintenance of our headquarters in Mount Dora, supporting our Get Out The Vote efforts, canvassing and more. Your donations make all the difference. Stop by our office and see how we've put your donation to work!

Donate today to support your Lake County Candidates

This fund is devoted entirely to the support of the campaigns of your local Democratic candidates. Lake County Democratic candidates fill out an application with the Lake County Democratic Party to be considered. Then our steering committee considers each application and awards the funds to the candidates to encourage their success. Often these funds give our local candidates the extra dollars they need for that final push to get elected.


Val Demings Speaks with the Lake County Democratic Party

Doug Emhoff’s Labor Day Message for Floridians

What People Are Saying

We are hurtling backwards. It is critical that we make an immediate U Turn to not only save our nation but our future generations.
Get involved NOW! The Democratic Party is the People’s party.
Lillian Lockette

Life is not stagnant, we either move forward or backward. There is no status quo. Change is wedded to opportunity and its progeny is discovery, achievement and success. That is why I am a Progressive: Moving forward affirmatively and confidently with new ideas.
Choice Edwards

The world always moves to the left on social and human rights issues. On women’s rights, minority rights, voting rights, capital punishment, health care and gay rights.

Marvin Jacobson

I choose to be a part of the Democratic Party to help make sure that my grandchildren and future generations have access to affordable healthcare, live in a cleaner environment and have the benefit of a good and affordable education.

Laura Williams

together we can make a difference

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