Do you care about your community? Do you have a passion for democracy and for using the political process to solve problems for the greatest good? Are you a good listener? Are you honest and willing to work hard?

Then, you would be a good public servant. Here are the attributes of the ideal Democratic candidate for an elected position.

Please don’t be discouraged if you do not have all of them.

Good character. No criminal record. No public scandals.

What are the challenges and rewards of holding public office? It takes a lot of time and energy and you may
expose yourself to criticism, but you can make long-lasting improvements in the lives of many people. Making a
difference and making history can be exciting.

Why should Democrats run for public office? It’s simple: we need a voice at the table. As of January, 2021,
Democrats hold only 1 of 37 partisan elected positions in Lake County, counting federal, state, county, and
hospital board offices. All of our representatives in Washington, in Tallahassee, and on the County Commission
are Republican. Too many political decisions are made without sufficient consideration for the needs of low and
middle income families or for the civil rights of minorities. Democrats believe in economic and political fairness.
Our Democracy cannot endure unless we are heard.