Run for something


If you think you have the skills, passion,TIME and the energy it takes to run for office then RUN FOR SOMETHING!

We need great people to run for office in City, Local, State and Federal races. Yes, it’s hard work but it can also be one of the most rewarding things you do in your life.

You’ll have the opportunity to criss-cross our beautiful county shaking hands, listening to the citizens share their concerns and you can have face-to-face conversations that let them know how, as an elected official, you can help.

Every candidate has their own reasons for choosing to run for public office.  It’s your drive and willingness to fight for what you believe in and the best interests of your community that will keep you going.

We are ready for you. Are you ready?

Is public service right for you?

Before you go any further visit our Is Public Service Right For You? page. It will help you understand what will be asked of you as a candidate for public office.

Which public office is best for you?

 Which Public Office Is Best For You? We have created a list of questions for you to think about and we are always happy to meet with you for further discussion. 

How can we help?

The Lake County Democratic Party wants you to run a successful campaign. To help you we have advisors that will share their experiences, we offer tools that will help you organize and training classes where you will learn how to campaign effectively. Visit our How Can We Help? page to learn more

lake county needs great candidates like you!