A July Fourth examination of conscience

 Now that we have just crested the 243rd celebration of our freedom, it is appropriate to examine what kind of country we have become. Are we living up to the vision of our forefathers?

When our forefathers declared our independence from the Crown and created our country, they established a rule of law, a balance of powers: Legislative, judicial and executive branches of government, and created various departments to handle business in our name. The state department to act as our emissary abroad. The Treasury toestablish our money because each state had their own at the time and it needed to be unified.

And as the country grew more departments were added to handle various aspects of our countries’ business.

Under the Trump presidency, most of these departments have been gutted. Much of the cabinet is filled by “acting” secretaries and many positions remain vacant. There is a huge lack of leadership, most of all at the top, the presidency.

Trump has stripped us of our American values.

Our whole institution has become corrupted.

We have elected politicians whom Trump has enlisted as soldiers to help make his actions possible, encasing him and protecting him from any possible consequences, particularly by obstructing any investigations.

President Trump came out of reality TV. But just like any entertainment venue, the reality is far different than the show. His show portrayed him as a successful businessman, but the reality is contained in various court proceedings, bankruptcies — both business and personal — lawsuits by contractors for nonpayment and numerous lawsuits by women over failed affairs. His performance on the fourth of July is no different. He desires to be a great leader, loved by everyone in this country. But the reality again is far different.

He pitched a tantrum to have a military-style parade in his honor, hijacking a usually family-oriented holiday. In a complete misunderstanding of what the holiday is about, he attempted to turn it into a private campaign event by handing out “tickets” to Republicans only and fencing off the mall to keep mere American citizens who were actually paying for the event out of the way.

He struggled through his speech, demonstrating a third-grade understanding of history, claiming that our military “took over the airports” during the Revolutionary War battles which took place decades before airplanes were even invented. It was his very own version of “Drunk History.”

Demanding a military parade in his honor is overcompensating for his failure to serve his country, either in the Vietnam War or today.

This show of loyalty from the military and the citizens of this country is an attempt to create a facade that he is the greatest president ever. And just like he used to lie about his TV ratings, he will contend that his attempt to take over the annual celebration of our freedom was the greatest success ever, that the crowds were huge and that it did not rain on his parade. Just like his television show, it is all an act. And it was just as unsuccessful as everything else has been in his entire life. His businesses, his marriages, and now his presidency.

He may have fooled a great portion of Americans into believing that he is the greatest, the richest, the smartest, that “he alone could fix it”, build a wall and Mexico would pay for it, ban Muslims, “fix” our trade agreements, but it was all a fantastic illusion. The reality is far more sinister.

One undeniable truth is that Trump can not stop what historians will write about him.

In history books yet to be written, there shall be recorded the true tale, that contrary to the hopes and aspirations that our forefathers had for our union, we elected a insecure, narcissistic man who faked and cheated his way into the presidency with the promise of making America great and instead brought it to it’s knees.

President Trump has perhaps mortally wounded our democracy and historically destroyed the image of what an American presidency is supposed to look like.



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