All 3 of Lake’s Congressmen – Daniel Webster (D-11), Ron DeSantis (D-6) and Dennis Ross (D-15) – voted to repeal Obamacare…Now is our turn to tell them that they will be replaced!

Congress is “home” for 11 days.  Call one – or all! – of their local offices and deliver your message.  Give your name and city…Call over the next few days while the heat is on.  Below are some messages you may want to relay.
    St. Augustine Office – 904-827-1101
    Port Orange Office – 386-756-9798
    The Villages Office – 352-383-3552
    Minneola Office – 352-241-9220
    Inverness Office – 352-241-9204
    Brooksville Office – 352-241-9230
    Clermont Office – 352-727-2248
    Lakeland Office – 863-644-8215
    Plant City Office – 863-752-4790
Message (relay only one):
Shame on you for passing a tax cut bill using healthcare as collateral damage.  I will remember this vote in November 2018.
Everyone should have a right to comprehensive, affordable healthcare. This bill takes us far, far in the opposite direction. Shame on you.  I will remember this vote in November 2018.The bill you voted for guts protections for people with cancer, diabetes and other pre-existing conditions. It will take away health benefits from 24 million people by 2026. Shame on you. I will remember this vote in November 2018. 
The bill you voted for will hurt millions more people by taxing the health benefits they get through a job, decimate Medicaid and cut funding for Medicare, while doing nothing about out-of-control prescription drug prices. Shame on you. I will remember this vote in November 2018.
The bill you voted for added tons of tax breaks for the super-rich, corporations and health care CEOs—hundreds of billions of dollars—which will be paid for by cuts to health benefits for seniors, people with disabilities and families struggling to make ends meet. Shame on you. I will remember this vote in November 2018.

Nancy Hurlbert, Chair
Lake County Democratic Party