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To insure that you recieve our emails please follow the instructions below. Our emails are sent from [email protected].

How to Whitelist an Email Address with Gmail

1. Open the email
2. Click on the drop down arrow next to the “Reply” button
3. Select “Add to Contacts List”
4. Click on the “More” button above the email header
5. Select “Filter messages like these”
6. At the bottom of the search window, click “Create filter with this search”
7.  Check the box that says “Never send it to Spam”

How to Whitelist an Email Address with Outlook

1. Open the email
2. Right-click on the sender’s name, and click “Add to Outlook Contacts”
3. Click “Save”
4. On the Tools menu, click “Options”
5. On the Preferences tab, under E-mail, click “Junk E-mail”
6. Click the Safe Senders tab
7. Select the “Also trust e-mail from my Contacts” check box

For other email providers, check out these whitelisting instructions.

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