Courtesy of the National Review

Trump had anything but a stellar career. Ann McFeatters lays out the ins and outs of his family business in this terrific piece.
[su_quote]You’d think with 24/7 exposure to everything Donald Trump, we’d know all about him. But here are a few fun facts you may have missed. During the president’s six business bankruptcies, investors lost $1.5 billion. He had to reduce his personal expenses to $450,000 a month. Ultimately, the government bailed him out from his many bankers, who didn’t know about the others’ loans to Trump. When Trump had money troubles, he asked an employee to put the arm on a friend who worked for a bank. She said she couldn’t do it. Trump was furious. He said: “She turned on me after I had done so much to help her. … She ended up losing her home. Her husband … walked out on her and I was glad. … And now I go out of my way to make her life miserable.”[/su_quote]
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