The Daily Commercial had two letters and the Russ Sloan column on our withdrawal from the Paris Global agreement last Saturday and Sunday. All three met the standard for propaganda.
Russ Sloan wrote that India and China with over 2 billion people were exempted from doing anything of significance regarding their pollution. India just passed a law requiring all cars to be electric by 2030 with government subsidies to make it possible.
Also a gigantic program to produce electricity with solar. India is also the fourth largest producer of electricity by wind and sixth in solar.
China is the leading producer of electricity with solar, Germany ranks second. China also produces more electricity from wind than any nation. Sloan writes that “1.3 billion people have no electricity in the world and when they get electricity it would add to pollution.” The Paris Accords are the catalyst for the world to produce the needed electricity from renewable sources such as wind and solar.
Tom Cavanaugh wrote in his letter that Al Gore and his global warming friends should get in touch with God, implying that man should not play any role in trying to protect our precious earth from self-destruction and just leave it to God. Oh my, what could possibly go wrong with this approach?
Sonny Heninger lamented the loss of American jobs with the switch from fossil fuel sources to renewable ones for electricity. The same argument was made when we switched from the horse and buggy to automobiles.
Marvin Jacobson, Clermont