Great people with great ideas is what will move the Lake County Democratic Party forward.

It’s certainly nice with all the political turmoil that is in the air to have a place to go and hear common sense actions that will make a difference and to know that there are others that are  as worried as you are.
This month we had some great speakers share with us ways that we can participate in democracy.


Cecelia Canady- Voter Services Director at the Lake County Supervisor of Elections Office

Cecelia Canady was kind enough to explain exactly how we should collect voter registrations and how we can help voters make sure that they fill out the registration correctly.  She also suggested that anyone needing more information to please stop by the   Lake County Supervisor of Elections Office at 315 W. Main St., Suite 144 in Tavares. You can also call 352-343-9734 or visit their website at

Doug Head -Orange County Committeeman and Jim Gangitano- Volusia County Committeeman

Doug Head -Orange County Committeeman

Jim Gangitano- Volusia County Committeeman

Doug and Jim discussed the future of the Florida Democratic Party and how our input is valued as we ready the state for the 2018 elections and beyond. 

Candidate Spotlights


Ray Pena Candidate for Congress in Florida’s District 15
Ray Pena, a small business owner, decided to run for Congress because he believes that we, as a nation, can do much better when it comes to providing health care, educating our young people and creating jobs and making sure that Americans are offered a livable wage. He also wants to work to help make first 2 years of college free, so that students can compete in the workplace and have what they need to be productive and confident citizens. 

Steve Madden-Director of Strategic Planning for Greg Pilkington Candidate for Congress in Florida’s  District 15
Steve Madden is no stranger to politics and is working hard all across the 15th district and beyond. He explained some of the details concerning the knowledgeable and experienced team that Greg is putting together and how that is what is needed to beat Dennis Ross, who has deep pockets, in this election.  Steve made some great points concerning what Congress and your Congressman can do. He made the point that while most of us are not happy with the actions of our current president that he is working mostly within our current laws. That is where the problem lies. We need people in Congress that will make better laws. We can make that change in 2018, 2 years before this presidency will end.
Month’s Events
There were several events that Are scheduled for this month. You can check out all the times and dates for events on our Calendar HERE. There were a few things of special interest.
May 13, 2017- At this Saturday’s meeting of the Golden Triangle Democratic Club there will be a presentation and discussion of Prison Reform at the W.T. Bland Public Library in Mount Dora. Learn more about the Golden Triangle Democratic Club HERE.
May 17, 2017-There will a sign holding at Congressman Daniel Webster’s office in The Villages at 8015 E. County Road 466 Suite B from 11 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
May 20, 2017- There will be a Persisters Rally in Orlando at Lake Eola Park to recognize Democratic women. You can learn more HERE
June 24, 2017- The next breakfast will be held at the Royal Highlands Great Hall and the cost is $20. This will be on “The State of the State”.
Our next Lake County Democratic executive Committee meeting will be June 8, 2017, at 6:00 p.m.