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June 26, 2018
TAVARES, Fla. – The Lake County Democratic Executive Committee (DEC),
the voice of the Democratic Party in Lake County, voted June 14, 2018 to support the
Lake County School Board’s proposed 0.75 millage rate increase to safeguard our
“Just over $1 million will come from the State this year to fund mental health programs
in our schools,” said Nancy Hurlbert, Chair of the DEC. “This $1 million may or not
come from the State in future years. The millage increase will provide $5.4 million to
hire additional mental health counselors, school nurses and social workers, all who can
help identify youth who ‘need to talk to someone.'” Hurlbert said.
“Another program to benefit from this tax increase would be an In-School Suspension
Program where students could receive academic and behavioral support. The current
out-of-school suspension fosters a punitive approach rather than a proactive and
problem solving approach”
Hurlbert further clarified that the DEC does not support the State’s Guardian Program.
“It is hoped the additional millage can also pay for the required school resource officers
(SROs) needed in each of our elementary schools,” she said. SROs are either certified
law enforcement officers or a city police officer. “Arming anyone who is not an SRO and
placing them in any of our schools is opposed by the Party.”
Hurlbert noted, “Former Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. said, ‘Taxes
are what we pay for a civilized society’. Certainly this tax increase will add to Lake
County’s civilized society.”
The Lake County Democratic Party encourages the public to support this effort to add
additional safety measures to our schools. This ad valorem tax increase will be on the
August 28th Primary ballot.