Citizenship is no longer a spectator sport
We aspire to elect fearless champions who will promote our best interests and represent our dearest concerns in Congress. But we are frequently left with hapless “Yes Men” who leave their campaign ideals behind like the litter on the floor of their rallies. They arrive in the halls of Congress with a far different agenda in their hearts. They appear to be immediately tainted by the graft and corruption of the local purveyors bearing bags of money and acting much like drug dealers.
The only thing that conservatives are currently trying to conserve is their party. It is too late. It is gone. The Republican party that once was, has been critically damaged and was taking on water for years until Trump stepped on board. The weight of his sins, his racism, his warped view of our country, his childish view of the world, his problems with porn stars, are all pulling the flailing party under, finally sliding beneath the dark waters and taking with it the once great, sometimes brilliant careers of all of its members who have silently stood by and saluted the flag on the bow that they have all helped to sink.
It is interesting to watch as each of them attempt to carry water for Trump, but the bucket is so overflowing that most of it is splashing back on them.
And the Democrats are standing by silently witnessing the possible demise of our nation, and by their inaction they have quietly endorsed it. At the very least they should have moved away to avoid the spray. America will never forgive you for taking sides against your country. Or for being too cowardly to defend her. You have chosen to preserve your career rather than your country.
The great contemporary poet Maya Angelou once said, “If someone pulls a hair from your head and you don’t object, they will not stop until you are bald.”
We are bald.
And if you apply that statement to lying, it goes something like this: If someone tells you a lie and you do not call them on it, they will not stop until they get to some real whoppers. That can really help explain where we are with this president. We have stood by and let Trump’s crazy behavior wash over us and we keep waiting for it to change.
When will we finally reach a bridge too far?
I believe that we may have reached that point in the latest news. In an anonymous letter to the New York Times, the writer says that White House staff regularly remove papers from the president’s desk to keep him from doing anything too crazy, so Americans need not worry, these people are there to protect us.
Well, that immediately caused me to worry. This person, Anonymous, was NOT elected president, was NOT elected to make decisions for the president. While I certainly do not endorse most of the things that this president does, HE is the president. Who are these people?
So as we are watching all of this insanity, the question that we must ask is, “What can I do?” And most of us do not know the answer.
This upcoming election is for no less than the fate of our nation.
If you want to help save our country, stand up for it by merely standing up. Sitting on the sidelines and cheering on the team is no longer an option because there is no team on the field.
Citizenship is no longer a spectator sport.
So this is a call to arms. You are not being asked to pick up a gun and go to some foreign shore to defend the honor of our great nation. The fight is here. Get in the fight.
Saving our nation is as simple as electing new leaders to represent us.
Register to vote. Make sure that your neighbors are registered to vote.
Talk to people about the direction of our country. Volunteer for the campaign of a candidate that you believe in. Make phone calls to voice your opinion. Be a hero for your country.
Mary Sharpe