What’s wrong with the right?

It seems that I can go only a day or so without being asked what is wrong with the Democrats. A crowded field of Democratic candidates seems to really spark some questions and curiosity among the Republicans.

While Republicans have imposed upon us what is quite possibly the worst president in the history of our nation, and that is saying something, they seem to be constantly gazing over to the greener grass of the Democratic side and asking “What’s wrong over there?”

When the stage is full of candidates with a national soapbox, it produces a plethora of ideas: some good, some bad, but all worthy of consideration or at least an airing, giving democracy a voice.

Saying “Hell yes, we are coming for your AK47s” probably did not help our party politically and it certainly gave a fundraising gift to the NRA, but it did give a voice to what’s in the hearts and minds of most Americans:that we need to get these off our streets.

Republicans seem to lack a voice or conviction. They are forgetting everything that the Grand Old Party once stood for. While they sit silently by and watch the takeover of their party and their American values, we have reason to believe that some of these values will never be reclaimed.

It may be a long bloody battle for the soul of the Republican Party, one which has already seen casualties in Republican congressional retirements, but it is a worthy fight.

The two-party system has always worked pretty well for our country. Discourse is good. The mother of ideas. When a party has become so corrupt, lawless and evil at its core, how shall it be repaired?

We need Democrats to stand up for this country now in its time of great need, but we also need courageous Republicans to do the same.

America needs you to take back your party and make it the party of patriots that it once was. The party that knew the reality of politics as sometimes ceding power to the winners of elections and reaching across the isle to work with the other side for the good of the country. Our democracy is on fire and we need you to help fix it.

We Democrats have a way of policing our own party. At the slightest sign of indiscretion, we say “We love you dude, but you gotta go!”

Republicans seem to be comfortable with anything that their elected leaders do. Cheating at elections, stealing Supreme Court justices, ignoring the law and Congress, obstructing justice, subverting the constitution. You see the same things that we do. Is this really what you stand for?

How can you hoist the American flag in your yard and yet support all of these acts against everything that it stands for? What our flag stands for: liberty, freedom of speech, religion and the press, love of country. What our flag does not stand for: racism, imprisoning children, alienating allies, breaking treaties, embracing brutal communist dictators. You can’t love America and hate Americans.

More and more, Republicans try to look over their shoulders and blame Obama. Remember Obama? He was the duly elected president who was taking his historic oath of office while the leaders of the Republican party were in a local bar plotting how to stop his every move, deny him any successes and a second term.

And this evil cabal was quite successful. Whenever Obama attempted anything, they would start a small earthquake under his feet. They were determined to destroy this man, even if it also meant taking down our country.

Republican leader Mitch McConnell was informed before the 2016 election by President Obama that Russians were tampering with our elections and he tried to blocked efforts to do anything about it.

Why? We can only assume that he knew the cheating favored Republicans, not Democrats. He already knew. And now, he and every other Republican is obstructing investigating it. Is this really what the Republican Party stands for? Are you okay with that?

So the question is not what’s wrong with the Democrats. It’s what’s wrong with the Republicans and will they ever be able to fix it?



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