Trump is killing our founding ideals

As a country, we began fighting for our freedom and became a special country that the world looked at as that “shining light on the hill” for all to see and as an example to pattern themselves after.

We became a country with a form of government that many countries wanted to become. We became a country where civil rights were being fought for and won by people of color, women, foreigners and different religions.

We became a country where through hard work one could become very successful. We became a country where rule of law mattered.

We were a country where truth and integrity mattered. We were a country where norms and institutions were trusted. We were a country where freedom of the press and free speech meant exactly that.

Unfortunately, the election of Donald J. Trump has made America a country where all its attributes are being killed by Donald J. Trump.

We are no longer that “light on the hill.”The way we are viewed by other countries is one that cannot be trusted, one that is laughed at by other world leaders. During the recent NATO summit, these leaders were literally laughing at Trump and America. Kim Jong-Un called our president an “erratic old man.”

Countries that once looked at us not only as an example but a friend and ally, no longer can count on us. These countries are now looking toward China and Russia as their ally for both economics and defense. The Middle East, after seeing our betrayal of the Kurds, wants nothing to do with us. France, one of our oldest friends, has said they now need to look toward China for “global issues and trade. Other countries have seen us pull out of trade deals, treaties, etc., China is now viewed more trustworthy than the U.S.

Trump has trampled all over our Constitution. He has stated that as president he can do anything that he wants to do. As a republic, our form of government demands that our Constitution be adhered to for us to retain a democracy. This requires checks and balances that keep not only the president in check but others as well.

However, when you have a system where there are no checks and balances, you will have a country that lives in chaos. The republican leaders failed us by allowing Donald J. Trump to abuse our form of government and go unchecked. Even though there are impeachment proceedings occurring to check the president, the republicans refuse to do their job.

By their actions, they are telling the president that it’s OK to continue to abuse our Democracy. It has become OK to attack people from other countries. It has become OK to attack the free press and if one speaks ill of the President, it is OK to attack them. It has become OK to lie. It has become OK to disregard the rule of law. The once land of the free and home of the brave has become a toxic swamp of a mad man, wannabe dictator, who plunders and loots at will.

The American dream was one where, if you played by the rules and worked hard, you could possibly achieve whatever you wanted to. While we have historic low unemployment and a record high stock market, there are way too many Americans not participating in either of these. There a re way too many working multiple jobs, unable to afford housing and not able to participate in the stock market. Because of the trade wars, our farmers are suffering financially and losing their farms. The dreams are being killed by Donald J. Trump.

In three short years since the election of an “erratic old man,” we have seen the hopes and dreams of many Americans killed” Since the election of an “erratic old man”, countries have seen their hopes and dream as something they wanted to be and become, killed.

We have reached a point where we no longer trust our government or institutions. We have reached a point where we have become numb to the many lies of an “erratic old man”. We have reached a point where the press is “fake news”. We have reached a point where we no longer see America as that “shining light on the hill” because it is slowly, lie by lie, day by day, norm by norm, being killed by Trump.



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