From the Left- The Daily Commercial: Republicans try to hide opportunity to vote, like Easter eggs

Mary Sharpe
Guest columnist

Eggs, baby chicks, and flowers surround us at Easter and Passover as a sign of renewal. The earth, after a barren winter, is coming back to life. We are finally beginning to emerge from a very dark time in our nation’s history and, due to massive vaccinations, our country is also beginning to come back to life.

During the pandemic, we had to learn safer, low contact ways of doing life’s functions. We zoomed into meetings and family gatherings. We learned to bake bread. And when it came to the elections we innovated. Apparently, we innovated too well. Republicans didn’t like it.

Republicans realized that their acquiescence to an out-of-control president was going to hurt the whole party in the 2020 elections. His “help” was no help at all. Set up by the” Big Lie” that Trump started spouting a year before the election about how fraudulent the process was, his minions got to work.

There’s a pandemic. People will try to use the state laws that Republican legislators put in place to vote by mail. We can’t have that. Put some guy in charge of the post office and have him destroy government-owned mail sorting machines and mailboxes to slow it down.

Voters responded by dropping off ballots. Pick up those drop boxes.

Some people are still trying to vote in person? Close poll locations, change the hours, and shorten early voting days. People are voting anyway? Some are waiting 7 or 8 hours? These voters are unflappable!


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