After a revenge driven campaign; the GOP went for the jugular. Deregulating anything tagged with an Obama signature; accelerated vulture and predatory capitalism bled together to destroy productive policies by cutting the legs out from under social safety nets and positive protective solution-based regulation. With scrupulous sycophant intent, Republicans justified it all with a survival of the fittest theocratic worldview.

Receiving 2016 transition team briefings that acknowledged a possible pandemic at America’s doorstep, the Trump Administration, not unlike their climate crisis reaction, stood idly by with denials while indolently refusing to prepare for any crisis.

Once glorifying every life as precious and espousing the dignity of human life, Trump’s enablers now callously and cravenly place their greed for money and power over American lives. This from the same Republican Party that became fanatically unhinged that the Obama Administration’s Affordable Care Act would most certainly lead to “death panels.”

That flag flying over the courthouse reminds us of who we are, what we’ll do, and what we won’t. We will fight to find that long way home until America’s conscience has been found.