It’s time to come together as a caring nation

Your Turn

Choice Edwards Guest columnist

What have we Americans settled as the result of this presidential election?

Have we decided that we are people who indeed do have a heart or are we heartless in how we relate to the ‘least among us’? Do Americans really follow the dictates of the principles most of us surely have learned about the value of having and practicing good morals? Will we forever now be known as the world leader in acceptable moral behavior or have we turned the corner and turned our back on what we used to aspire? Are we now those who follow moral principles or those who do not. Heart or heartless; where are Americans?

Government health care is offered to government officials at all levels of government. Few have declined it. But, what about the fellow American citizens for whom elected employees are supposed to look out for, defend and help to prosper? Will we finally do ‘What would Jesus do?’ and recognize that all people are entitled to have affordable health care even if the government supplies it? We all pay for the uninsured anyway while, unwisely, leaving many bankrupt. Every elected official has government supplied health care; why, Dear God, would they deny the same for every other citizen? Heart or heartless?

White House lawlessness, ineptitude and obstruction of justice has run rampant this past administration. Of that there can be no doubt. If a citizen is open to finding the facts she can uncover the truth of Trump’s crimes. Will Donald J. Trump finally be made to release his tax returns? Will the State of New York and the Southern District of the U.S. Attorney finally bring charges against the Trump cartel? The corruption is disgraceful for anyone with the title President of the United States. Lawful or lawless?

We now label demands for equal protection under the law as thuggery and violence when we did not so label the racists who looted Tulsa’s Wall Street and Ocoee, Florida! Have so many of us forgotten the history of how this nation engaged in both peaceful and violent street protests in order to call attention to the unequal treatment of the colonialist; the murder of Americans of African ancestry and the destruction and taking of their property because they also wanted to vote?

At a time when street protests of police brutality and government corruption by leaders are being challenged in cities all around the globe, we can not condone lawlessness at the highest levels while disparaging it for those seeking equality. No one is or should be above the law, including the president of the United States. What in that regard will result from this election?

Historically, the economy does better in a Democratic administration. Fortunately for Trump he became president in 2017 and not 2009 when the economy was rescued by the Democrats. This year Trump shot the booming economy he inherited, as if it were on Fifth Avenue, because he was inept and did not take professional, knowledgeable guidance and instead talked to … himself. Even an adolescent knows to follow doctors orders when the doctor says to avoid catching something wear a mask, spacial distance and wash your hands. Trump’s selfishness has resulted in deaths including those directly linked to his super spreader political rallies. There is nothing pro-life about that behavior. Will the nation’s health take precedence and recover?

Will males, incapable of getting pregnant or suffering the emotional pain, still control whether a female can safely terminate a pregnancy or revert to a time when they had to seek hazardous abortions?

Will insurance company payouts finally convince climate change deniers that it is real?

Will we finally admit the universe evolves, and the 27-times amended U.S Constitution is not carved in stone?

Will we be a united nation of fact over fiction and science over unsubstantiated belief? Will our democracy persist? Will character matter?


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