From the Left-The Daily Commercial: Fear in America

Terrie Watkins  Guest Columnist

One of the most strident rallying cries of the current right wing is “freedom from fear.” Exactly what is this fear that is so terrifying? It seems to be defined as concerns about a global pandemic that has killed more than 6 million victims and can be mitigated by simple measures like hand hygiene, mask wearing, social distancing and vaccination. Those who utilize those measures are reviled as snowflakes, meanwhile the right is drumming up a litany of fears we should really be militant about. These were extolled in ex-President Trump’s recent CPAC 2022 speech in Orlando.

Left-wing fascists are a threat, according to this dubious expert. Not sure whom he is talking about, but it doesn’t sound like a description of President Joseph R. Biden. So, where are these fascists we are to fear? Definitely not in the ranks of the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and militant right-wing groups who have actually committed violent acts against the government. There is no left-wing equivalent, although there is plenty of animus against Antifa, which is not an organization and whose title belies the “fascist” label.

The keynote speaker went on to say, “They indoctrinate your children to hate their parents while calling you a hateful racist.” Notice there is no identification of who “they” are, but they are definitely to be feared. Interesting approach — no parent wants to be hated, of course, but where is evidence of such hate when we have actual records of hateful racial violence that has destroyed individuals and communities? Clearly this is a reference to the much maligned CRT non-issue that has raised such fear but doesn’t exist in schools.

Another target mentioned to be feared? The “radical-left zealot (who) has been nominated to the Supreme Court of the United States.” Presumably this is aimed at Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, who would probably not recognize this description. However, it does strike fear in the uninformed and thus served its purpose.

“They use big tech to censor you. They use the deep state to spy on you. They use the intelligence agencies to frame you.” Now we’re getting into serious fear mongering. Innocents are being censored, spied on and framed. Doesn’t sound like America, but a dystopian view that only exists in the mind of the rabble rouser. It will inflame and motivate, and further divide a nation that has been so severely hurt by the fearful rhetoric that is dispensed as truth.

The regular bogey men issues also are sources of fear. Immigrants are poisoning the population and being dumped into the country. Elections are rigged to disenfranchise American citizens — a claim so ironic it is laughable because, who is doing the voting restrictions? Be afraid of 4-year-olds picking their own genders and a legal system persecuting its innocent citizens.

Freedom from fear is a major objective. In order to overcome this barrage of fears, we have a weapon. It is called the vote. Vote out those who would stoke fears and not facts. Vote out those who would divide our great nation. Vote out those who inflame and promote a dystopian vision. Take back our country and vote for an America that is truly free.


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