Democratic socialism is all around us

Democratic socialism is for people who don’t mind paying taxes so that streets and highways can be built so that all can travel and not just the privileged few, people who don’t mind paying taxes so that all can receive a basic education and not just a few, paying taxes so that all residents can have the comfort of fire fighters and not just those who can afford a private force.

A democratic socialists doesn’t mind funding via taxes for police protection for herself and all her neighbors and not just those who can afford private security. They are taxpayers who prefer funding for bridges so that more of us can traverse rivers and lakes and not just those who can afford a seaworthy boat. They are citizens who do not mind paying taxes so that all of our neighbors can have the luxury of health care without bankruptcy and not just the fabulously rich.

I have found that socialism is when people see wisdom in pooling together just as insurance companies do so that risk is spread to all and no one is left with the bulk of the risk or solely has to manage the task of going it alone. Democratic socialism is, apparently, when one neighbor is not content to just thrive himself while his neighbor perishes. Democratic socialism is when one pledges allegiance to one’s country and says God bless America, then hastily adds “and the rest of the world too!”

Think of your fellow woman, give her a helping hand, put love in your world and the rest of the world as well.

Some think socialism is when the group circles the wagons, when one community member is attacked we all are attacked, and we all provide for our safety and survival. Some think socialism is when the nation asks that all citizens fund the military that protects us all, rich and poor alike, from demise at the hand of other nations.

If you ever attended a public/government school, (and this days, even private schools) thank the taxpayers for your education. If you frequent  a loving tax-exempt religious institution, thank taxpayers for helping foot the cost.

Some think socialism is when family expresses love, concern, compassion, sympathy and assistance for each of the family members: the one with physical disability, the one with less mental sharpness, the one who was born female, the one who is less strong, the one born male.

Some think capitalism is when those with the better idea builds the better mouse trap, reaps the rewards of their industriousness and accomplishments. Some think no one “makes it all on their own” meaning that those who have banded together to provide the education, infrastructure that facilitates capitalism are deserving of a piece of the pie. Typically, no one alone owns all the shares in a successful company; it is shared ownership by many who are taking the risk of investment. Seems socialistic.

Capitalism often takes financial risks and builds wealth. Sometimes capitalist need to be bailed out for the mistakes they have made in business and rely on the largess of the taxpayers to foot the bill for their failure. Seems socialistic.

Democratic socialism is sending a search party for someone apparently lost and not shrugging our collective shoulders and saying “search for him/ her yourself; leave me the heck alone.” Democratic socialism is when the government dispatches a helicopter to a mountaintop to rescue snowbound skiers saving them from death.

Democratic socialism recognizes that we are all in this thing called life together and not separately; that united we stand and divided we fall.

It recognizes that while the poor might well always be with us, we can ease their pain of circumstance and we are not diminished by our assistance.

“Think of your fellow man, give him a helping hand and the world will be a better place, put a little love in your heart.”



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