No Time for the summertime blues at this month’s LCDEC meeting!

The Lake County Democratic Executive Committee Chair Nancy Hurlbert started the meeting by bringing up a couple of advocacy opportunities across our county.  She invited Mayor Robert Morin to speak. He explained the importance for us all to attend the different city commission meetings across Lake County and to be part of the process at every level.
Next. she shared with us the fact that the Venetian Gardens Community Building will undergo renovations and that a kitchen is not included in those plans. This could cause hardships and additional expenses for all groups that use these facilities. Finally, she called to our attention S.1073: Escambia County Land Conveyance Act– sponsored by Sen. Marco Rubio. In short, this bill would allow the selling of public lands to developers.
She also reported that we are making great progress on our voter outreach. To meet our grant requirements we had to knock on 1800 doors and we have so far knocked on 1260! We had to attend 24 events and we are up to 18 so far!. We do need your help with church connections. We are required to visit 30 churches and at this point, we have visited 2. If your church would welcome us please let contact Nancy Hurlbert at [email protected] or Julie Bozeman our Voter Outreach Coordinator at [email protected].


Laura Williams, our web designer and social media expert shared with the group some twitter basics and advice. on using this particular platform. You can download the information sheet here.  Laura will also present the Lake County Democratic Candidates Social Media Workshop- Oct. 7, 2017.


Ron Reid- Congressional Candidate – Florida’s 11th District
Ron just recently announced his plans to run against Daniel Webster in District 11. Ron was born in Orlando and raised in Leesburg before joining the U.S Navy. He spoke on several issues including Gov, Scott’s “Come to Florida and exploit our cheap labor” efforts, the fact that Florida is behind on the implementation of solar power and the destruction that DeVos and the Koch Bros. are doing to our education system. He also spoke about how our healthcare decisions are vitally important on many levels and they must protect the elderly in nursing homes as well as the kids who are allowed to stay at home instead of in a hospital. He left us with this….”I need YOU to believe that we can defeat Daniel Webster!” 
Belita ‘B’ Grassel- North Lake Co. Hospital Board NE Seat 2
After promising herself she would not run for office again once Belita saw that there was not one person with medical experience on the Lake Count Hospital Board she would run for Seat #2. her experience as a Registered Nurse, teacher and health advocate is much needed. 
Andrew Learned- Congressional Candidate – Florida’s 15th District
Andrew lives in South Valrico, he is a veteran and a business owner. The values that he stands for are Feed the Hungry, Treat the Sick and Treat People Fairly. He pointed out that his opponent Dennis Ross was the Deputy Majority Whip on the recent disastrous healthcare bill.  In District 15, 1088 people have GoFundMe accounts requesting help paying for their medical bills.  He wants to bring better jobs to District 15. In his work, he helps kids get into good colleges but he is disappointed how many fail to return to the area after graduation.
Steve Madden- Campaign Strategist for Greg Pilkington Congressional Candidate – Florida’s 15th District
Steve discussed how policies drive elections and he let us know that that we can learn more about Greg’s policies at  Greg covers issues such as healthcare, immigration, job creation and much more on the site. 
Perry Berkowitz- Lake County School Board
Candidate Perry Berkowitz is running against Bill Mathias and he has 50 years of experience in education.  He pointed out that we need to educate ALL not SOME of our students and that the school board’s job is to decide the what and the teachers should decide the how.  Each should be lifting up the other. 

Committeeman & Committeewoman Reports

Committeewoman Francine Garcia let us know that the filing to become a delegate is from August 1st- September 1st. The forms are now avaialble. You can reach her at [email protected] for the details. She also stated that she will visit the clubs & caucuses to promote Lake Blue and that she needs help spreading the word! 
Committeeman Alan Garcia Announced that there will be Precinct Captain and VAN training available August 23rd at the LCEA Building at 1713 South St. In Leesburg. For more details and to sign up you can reach Alan at [email protected]. This training is FREE. Bring a laptop or tablet.

Volunteer Outreach

Susan Fetter asked that all precinct captains make sure that they have any volunteers int he database. This fall we will work on reaching new Democrats. There will be canvassing event in Eustis and Clermont this weekend. 453 days until the election!!!

Candidate Recruitment

Jane Hepting announced the Candidate Training Academy at Lake Sumter Community College September 16 &17. You can register by going to or by downloading the registration form. You can download the bios of the trainers HERE.


Rose Fitzpatrick announced that the October 20th concert featuring Noel Paul Stookey of Peter, Paul and Mary is now open for volunteers to order tickets at a reduced rate. You have from now until August 15  to take advantage of discounts for the best seats in the house.  You can reserve your tickets online at  She also reminded us of the upcoming breakfast, see below under Upcoming Events. There is also a holiday party in the works! It will be held at the Royal Highlands Clubhouse on December 16th. Keep an eye out for more details.

Office Operations

Pat Spear thanked all the volunteers for doing a great job updating VAN and putting together canvassing packets. She asked if all the clubs & caucuses make sure that the office has updated brochures and flyers so that they can be added to the packets when appropriate as well as be displayed in the office. 

Upcoming Events:

September 16- Evening with Friends

The Lake County Democratic Black Caucus presents An Evening With Friends:  September 16th at the Leesburg Community Center enjoy a great meal and an evening of jazz.

September 16th & 17- Candidate Training Academy

At Lake Sumter Community College September 16 &17. You can register by going to or by downloading the registration form. You can download the bios of the trainers HERE.


September 23- Fall Breakfast

October 7- Lake County Democratic Candidates Social Media Workshop

This FREE Social Media workshop is available to Lake County Democratic Candidates as part of the training provided by the Lake County Democratic Party. 
We will cover how to create your online branding and how to find your voice as a candidate. You will learn how to set up a system that will allow you to streamline your efforts. You will also learn how to create posts that get attention, how to craft your message and also what the requirements are for each social media medium. You will be given information on which tools can save you time and other tips and tricks. 
Bring your laptop or tablet. Wi-Fi is available. This 3-hour course is fast-paced and will include a Q&A section and written material. 
Location LCEA Building- 1713 South St, Leesburg, FL 34748-6633  Download printable flyer:
This is a limited seating event so pre-registration is required. Email Laura Williams at [email protected] to register.
Laura Williams is a local writer, content marketer and social media specialist with over a decade of experience.


October 20- NOEL PAUL STOOKEY in Concert

Presenting Grammy Award-winning and multiple Hall of Fame singer, composer, and civil rights activist NOEL PAUL STOOKEY in concert Friday, October 20, at the Mount Dora Community Building.  As ‘Paul’ of Peter, Paul and Mary, Stookey has been on the front line of progressive causes for more than 50 years, even singing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial during the August 1963 March on Washington.  We hope you will join us for an intimate evening of music and stories as we present this special one-night only event.  Kudos to Rose Fitzgerald for leading the Lake County Democrats in developing this event with Mount Dora Productions. Get your tickets at Don’t forget if you are a volunteer you get a special ticket price unitil August 15th!