The destruction of America by Donald Trump

Since Donald Trump won the presidential election of 2016, he has taken steps to destroy America and what we stand for. Whether it be our Constitution, economy, environment, international order or respect for each other.

Trump does not believe in climate change and is taking steps to make our environment worse. Through rule changes, executive orders, budget cuts or changes in policies, he has rolled back protections, made it OK to sell off protected lands to oil companies, placed high tariffs on solar panels making it more expensive to go solar and suspended “Waters of the U.S. Rule” designed to reduce pollution in 60 percent of our nation’s waters. He has gutted the budget for the Department of Interior, the EPA and NOAA, withdrew from the Paris climate accord and has repealed approximately 850 rules and regulations that have a direct impact on our environment. Destruction.

Trump came into office with low unemployment and a solid economy. Because of his lack of knowledge, surrounding himself with individuals lacking knowledge and experience, has made and is making decisions that jeopardize our economy. While the economy was growing, he decided to give a huge tax cut that would stimulate it. Trump stated this great tax cut would give us growth of 6 percent GDP, reduce the deficit and give working- and middle-class Americans more spendable income.

GDP has not grown at 6 percent (barely performed as well as the Obama economy). It has not reduced the deficit but created trilliondollar deficits for years to come. Finally, it has done nothing for the middle and working class. It benefited major corporations and Trump’s wealthy buddies.

He has imposed tariffs on nearly all our trading partners including Europe, Canada, Mexico and China. These tariffs are creating serious problems with our farmers, workers and companies. Manufacturing is contracting, cost of products and services are going higher, the economy is slowing and stock markets are falling. Destruction.

Our Constitution is being trampled on by Trump. His job is to uphold and protect the U.S. Constitution. He has implied his desire to restrict the First Amendment, closing Muslim mosques, immigration issues, the emolument clause, etc. and has gone as far as saying “the Constitution is a bad deal and we need to tear it up and start over.”

He threatens the separation of government, believes he has the full power to do anything that he wants because “I am the President.” Because of his lack of knowledge and understanding of the Constitution, he tramples on it and opens the possibility of its destruction.

Since the beginning of our country, we’ve had well established relationships with foreign countries. By doing so, our country and the world was a safer place.

Since WWII we have depended on NATO, etc., to guarantee security throughout the world. The U.S. had a reputation and respect as a country that could be counted on as a partner. Trump has constantly criticized our foreign friends, gotten in bed with our enemies and torn up long standing treaties by both Democratic and Republican presidents. We are now seen as a country that has no credibility and can no longer be trusted.

The “America First” mentality is making us weaker. Destruction.

Our respect for one another has deteriorated since the election of Trump. He began his campaign by disrespecting people of color, accused Mexicans of rape and murder, Muslims of being terrorist and Haitians of being from “sh–hole” countries.

He sympathizes with white supremacist and nationalist. Hate crimes has increased by 226 percent in counties where Trump rallies were held, there’s been 12 mass shootings in 2019 with 194 citizens killed or injured and road rage/ distrust increasing.

The question we must ask ourselves, “Is this the path we want to continue to go down”? The answer, I believe, is a resounding no. Trump and his supporters have done enough destruction to our country. It is time that we say enough.

We must demand action of ourselves and our leaders. We must no longer allow Trump to cause destruction to America.



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