General Election Day -November 8, 2022








Democratic Candidate

for Governor

Hon. Charlie Crist

Gubernatorial Candidate:

Hon. Charlie Crist (D)

Hon. Charlie Crist
Hon. Charlie Crist

Democratic Candidate for US Senate

Democratic Candidate for US House of Representatives 

Southern Lake County, Parts of Polk, Sumter, Orange Counties

Democratic Candidate for Florida Attorney General

Democratic Candidate for FL Chief Financial Officer

   FL State Representative – District 26

Candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture

Municipal Candidate Recommendations

City of Groveland

Mayor & Dist 1

Evelyn Wilson

 City of Groveland

Council Member Dist 5

Randolph Waite

Recommendations for Florida Supreme Court Justices


Vote to retain or not retain.                     They do not run by party.

NO: Canady, Couriel, Grosshans & Polston

YES: Labarga


Recommendations for District Court of Appeals

Vote to retain or not retain.                     They do not run by party.

NO: Nardella, Traver, Wozniak

YES: Lambert, Edwards, Cohen



Constitutional Amendments and School Board Tax (Ad Valorem)

1. Amendment 1: NO
a. Limitations on the Assessment of Real Property used for residential purposes.
Prohibits changes that owners make to residential property to make it mor
resistant to flood damage from increasing assessed value of the property.
Reasoning: This is basically a tax break for wealthy homeowners.

2. Amendment 2: YES
a. Abolishes the Constitution Revision Commission. The commission meets every
20 years and is composed almost exclusively of appointees of the Governor.
Next meeting scheduled 2037. Reasoning: This could be used to eliminate
Florida’s Constitutionally protected right to privacy, which is a barrier to
Florida banning all abortions.

3. Amendment 3: YES
a. Addition Homestead Property Tax Exemptions for Specified Critical Public
Service Workers. Grants an additional $50,000 homestead tax exemption for
classroom teachers, law enforcement officers, correction officers, firefighters,

EMS technicians, paramedics, child welfare services professionals, and active-
duty members of the US Armed Forces and the Florida National Guard.

Reasoning: support of teachers, firefighters, etc.

School District Ad Valorem Tax: NO
Continuation of Additional Three-Quarter Mill A Valorem Tax for School Safety and Mental
Shall an additional three-quarter (0.75) mill of School District ad valorem millage tax continue
to be levied beginning Jul 1, 2023, an ending June 30, 2027, with a proportionate share for
charter schools based on enrollment to meet requirements of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas
Public Safety Act and for the enhancement of school safety, security, and mental health
services, creating a sustainable funding source critical for the safety for our children,
prevention programs and emergency response? Reasoning: A recent article in the Orlando

Sentinel reported that charter (voucher) schools have received over $1 BILLION of our public-
school taxes!!