2020 Candidates

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United States Congress

District 6


Clint Curtis is a partner at the Law Offices of Clint Curtis & Associates. While the law office has several attorneys that practice in almost all facets of legal work, Clint personally practices in the areas of stopping government corruption, election law, assisting with Veterans Disability, Social Security Disability and Immigration.

Clint has been instrumental in exposing government corruption at several layers including the vulnerabilities of non-verifiable electronic voting machines, waste, fraud and retaliation at government agencies and even providing information related to the Abramoff scandal. He has testified before a Congressional Committee examining the issue of election machine fraud and is featured in over a dozen films, documentaries and books. He has also assisted multiple campaigns with election challenges and his office was the Florida office, which filed the election contest in the 2016. In that challenge Russian hacking was pointed out even before it became the topic of investigation in the Mueller probe.

I am running to make government accountable to the people once again. Our present government has no accountability and, in fact, refuses to even comply with investigations by Congress. This is true not only of the Administration but also within many of the agencies themselves. I will bring accountability back to the government and will vote to reduce their funding until they comply.

I will focus on developing budget-neutral funding that will allow for Social Security to bring its recipients out of the poverty level and increase the payments of every individual.

I will work to make sure that the ballot of record is a paper ballot only and that machine totals are used only as predictions and are never official until the ballots are hand-counted.

I will work to strengthen the health care system and move to a system where every individual has the opportunity to buy into Medicare at a cost similar to other countries such as England. The cost is approximately 5% of income, which is less than most Americans now pay for health insurance and includes medical, dental, vision and hearing benefits.

I propose that drugs prices be regulated so that Americans do not absorb the entire R&D process while other countries buy the same drug for a fraction of the cost.

I propose that college be made affordable to all that desire it by making loans available on a pay as you go format utilizing a small percentage income deduction.

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District 11


My name is Dana Cottrell. I have been a resident of Hernando County, Florida, District 11, since 1988. Originally from Queens, New York, I moved down to Spring Hill in 1988 earning my Associates and Masters Degrees from the University of South Florida, Tampa. I have been a teacher since 1992 both for Hernando County Public Schools, and the Department of Defense Schools in Pusan, South Korea, and Bitburg, Germany. I currently teach my amazing Axolotl 7th grade students at Gulf Coast Academy in Spring Hill, Florida. I am married to my husband, Michael, and on December 28th, we will celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary. We have a son, Nolan, who is now 14 years old.

I have always had a desire to serve the public interest by running for elected office in order to do the most good for the most people. I entrusted our elected officials to do just that until the election of Donald Trump. Never before in our political process have I experienced the divisive rhetoric, and blind allegiance to lies and propaganda. Daniel Webster, through his voting record, and support of the Trump Administration has led me to pursue this Congressional seat.

As a middle class American, earning a teacher’s salary, I know that I am the best choice to represent the constituency of District 11 in support of the issues our citizens are most concerned inclusive of affordable health and drug costs, educational reform, securing social security, pensions, and medicare, protection of the environment, and the care of our Veterans.

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District 15


Alan Cohn has spent more than 30 years speaking truth to power as an investigative journalist. He won the prestigious Peabody Award for his work to uncover defective parts on Black Hawk helicopters being built by Sikorsky Aircraft. In addition, he has reported several significant stories, including exposing corrupt politicians and exposing individuals falsely claiming to be veterans. More recently, Alan has worked as an anchor/managing editor of ABC 7 News in Tampa and hosted a political show in Sarasota, The Trapezoid. Alan currently lives with his wife Patty in Tampa, FL and they have two children, Ann and Aaron.

Alan understands the struggles facing middle class families and is running to make health care truly affordable by fixing rising prescription drug costs and fixing high deductibles that health care plans offer. Alan also knows that families have struggled to recover from the financial crisis and that several families still live paycheck to paycheck. He wants to give middle class families the tools they need to be successful. Alan has a long history of speaking truth to power, and will be a strong advocate in Congress for Florida families.

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Florida State House of Representatives

District 31

Crissy Stile


Experience • Education • Energy

I have the Experience (current Mount Dora City Council member), the Education (Bachelor degree in Accounting and Masters in Business Administration – both from Stetson University), and Energy(in the 3-candidate council race in 2018 I won 58% of the vote). I have strong support across party lines – important to beat the Republican in District 31 in November, and also important once I get to Tallahassee working for you. I have a bi-partisan team of Democrats, Independents/NPAs and Republicans working on my campaign, with many winning campaigns behind them.

The district includes parts of Lake County as well as northwest Orange County, including Apopka. I have a large contingent of family in Orange County including my mom and dad, brother and wife (a teacher), nephews, niece, sister, and I lived in Apopka before relocating to Mount Dora nearly two decades ago.

I am the person who can flip this seat from GOP Red to Democratic Blue in 2020!

I am proud that I fulfilled every one of the campaign issues from my 2018 council race during my term. I’m an active community volunteer, and a member of 2020 Leadership Lake class which covers all aspects and activities of our county government. I am also a graduate of Florida League of Cities Institute of Elected Municipal Officials with three certifications.

What’s important to me is what’s important to you. As I listen to residents it comes down to quality of life: education and teacher pay, jobs and wages, protection and assistance for our seniors, parks/trails/waterway/greenspaces to enjoy, and maintaining our health and safety.

My promise to you: I won’t go down rabbit holes regarding things the state government doesn’t control, nor will I go after unrealistic dreams we can’t afford. I will keep you informed on a regular basis and respond quickly to provide answers or find solutions.

So, when you are looking for a candidate, pay attention to what they do and not what they say, because it tells you a lot. I proudly stand by my track record and experience.


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District 32


It is with honor and humility that this introduction is presented to you today.
We introduce to you Stephanie LaQuinta Dukes

Stephanie’s birth parents are Nila Helper and John W. Dukes. However, she was raised by her
mother and stepfather, the late Joseph L. Jones, Sr. in Mulberry, Florida, “Phosphate Capital of the World,” located in Polk County.

In 1979 she graduated from Mulberry High School then earned her Associate of Arts degree from the University of South Florida in Tampa in 1983. In 1986 she earned her Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences from Florida State University. The commencement speaker, U.S.
Senator Claude Denson Pepper (D-FL), spoke words that day, which led to her destiny as a
public servant.

The African proverb “It takes a village to raise a child” has played a prominent role in Dukes’ life. Stephanie’s values, morals, and sense of integrity were all developed at home by her extended family. It was indeed her village which helped to cultivate and expand Stephanie’s character. Village members in Mulberry and the surrounding towns, good neighbors, and churches all helped develop her work ethic, enforce community respect, and model responsibility for one another. Outside of family vacations and weekend adventures, Stephanie and her siblings enjoyed the youth programs offered by the surrounding churches and city organizations.  These activities provided additional opportunities for cultural appreciation. Stephanie has grown to become a best friend (BFF) to many, an excellent neighbor, a proud third-generation retired educator, a philanthropist, and a co-author with her 101-year-old maternal grandmother, Essie N. Helper-Morgan.

It is with the African proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” that Stephanie pays it forward today as a candidate for the Florida House of Representatives District 32. Stephanie calls her campaign platform “The People’s Platform” because she firmly believes being a representative is about “Representing the People.” The People of District 32 are those who interact through living, learning, working, praying, and playing within its communities. The People’s Platform concerns are focused around: “Education; Quality of Living; Immigration; Civic & Economic Empowerment; and the Environment." Let us continue to hear your voice today as we kick off our campaign with “100 Days of Voters’ Voices”.

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District 33

Dee Melvin


My name is Mamie A. Melvin, but my friends call me Dee.  I am running for Florida House of
Representatives, District 33, because our current legislator does not represent all the people in
District 33.

We deserve a Representative who will represent all our American values.

We deserve a Representative who will support public education, so all children have the chance to
achieve their full potential and fulfill their dreams the way I did.

As a child, I never had to worry about active shooter drills.  We deserve a Representative who will support common-sense gun laws.  Children should not have to worry about active shooters.

We deserve a Representative who will fight for affordable health care.  When I was a child, my family could not afford to go to the doctor.  I never saw a doctor or dentist until I was 12 years old – we did not have health care and neither do many of our children in the district today.

We deserve a Representative who will fight for a living wage and affordable housing.  No child in Florida should go to bed hungry or live in poverty the way I did.

I was born in North Carolina and raised in Clinton and Columbia South Carolina.  I lived in poverty, often with no electricity, water or indoor plumbing.  Often, I did not know where I would sleep at night.  At the age of 12, my life changed forever.  I was sent to live in a Methodist children’s home and lived there until the age of 18.  This move opened a world of opportunity for me that I would not have otherwise had.

I am an Air Force Veteran.  I met and married my husband, Kenneth Melvin, at my first duty station.
Ken is also an Air Force Veteran.  Between us, we have over 60 years of service to our country.  I am happy to say we have been married for 42 wonderful years.  I retired from the Air Force at Patrick Air Force Base in Florida in 2007.

While in the Air Force I took full advantage of the GI Bill and graduated with honors from Bellevue College in Bellevue, Nebraska with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration. We have lived in Florida since 1998 and in The Villages since 2014.

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2020 Hospital Board Races

For North Lake Hospital Board Seat 1


Pamela Jennelle’s experience with a major health care system will make her a passionate advocate for Lake County residents as a member of the North Lake Hospital District.



For North Lake Hospital Board Seat 5


My name is Dr. Melody Duckins and I am running for North Lake County Hospital Board, Seat 5.

To begin with, I am a wife, mother, and a resident of Lake County. I was born in Dublin, Georgia
and raised in Cape Cod, Massachusetts! I have been blessed and fortunate to pursue my personal and educational goals. As a result, I have traveled extensively both domestically and abroad for which I gained a broad insight into various cultures, mindsets, and the needs of the community. I received my Bachelor’s in Music from Berklee College of Music, my Master’s in Education and Psychology from Western New Mexico University and my Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Southwestern College. I have been an educator and administrator within K12 and Higher Education for over 20 years across the U.S. and internationally.

Currently, my husband and I work at Beacon College in Leesburg, which serves a neuro-diverse community, the 2nd of its kind in the nation

I am seeking this seat because of my support for the North Lake Taxing District, which favors: quality medical services and affordable healthcare for the uninsured and under-insured. I believe in clinics and hospitals designed “for” the community “by” the community. I am the best candidate for this position for three reasons:

1. My broad experience, insight, and
unbiased mindset as a domestic and international teacher and administrator
2. My expert knowledge of research and analytical skills
3. My sensitivity to diverse needs, beliefs, and concerns.

In my opinion, building relationships, listening to others, and providing support where needed is the essence of meeting the needs of the community.

Please vote for me, Dr. Melody Duckins for North Lake County Hospital Board, Seat 5. Thank you


2020 Water Authority Races

For Water Authority District at Large


Tammy Morales is a mother, wife, and Clermont business owner with a strong background in communications. She knows how to advocate for water quality in Lake County.



For Water Authority District 1


I was raised in Miami and witnessed first-hand the demise of the Everglades. The destruction of this and other south Florida natural resources lies squarely on the pressure placed on local, state and federal government agencies by developers and big sugar. There are many organizations that work tirelessly to protect our natural resources and wildlife but they lack the almost bottomless monies and political power big business can bring to the decision making process. We need elected officials who will work with businesses large and small to protect the environment and taxpayer dollars.

After moving to Clermont in 1994 I began to learn about the fragility and importance of this area to the Florida ecosystem and to a larger extent our state’s water supply. Lake County is at the north end of “The Ridge” which feeds a large portion of the Floridan aquifer. I began to get involved with local environmental groups and have been an advocate for the protection of The Green Swamp Area of Critical State Concern. Lake County needs standardized septic tank construction and monitoring techniques, and education for existing residents on proper maintenance of existing systems to protect our waters from pollution. This is not just a Lake County issue. The increase in the number and the severity of red tides and freshwater algae blooms is a stark warning of the pollution dangers unchecked septic systems are causing.

The Water Authority funds grants to municipal governments for stormwater and nutrient runoff into our lakes. This is one of the major causes of freshwater algae blooms that can damage our fragile ecosystem. I would advocate for the sensible residential fertilizer restrictions by the municipalities.

Education is the key to understanding and relating to any issue. The Water Authority provides education to local schools and civic groups. I would like to see these programs expanded as much as the budget would allow. I would be a proponent of using digital technology to promote an expansion of educational programs. In the educational programs, I would like to see topics expanded to include things such as:

  • Invasive species and how they affect our water and wildlife quality.
  • Importance of animals (fish) and how a troublesome species can ruin our world-famous fishing.

Guy Meadows has fought to preserve the Green Swamp. He will use his skills on large scale projects to promote the best use of tax dollars to protect Lake County’s water.



For Water Authority District 3


Susan Fetter’s local knowledge, board experience, problem-solving skills, and Florida Master Naturalist training will make her an ideal member of the Water Authority Board.